06 October 2008

Is that Google underneath Johnny's bed?

I've just riled myself up posting on our class discussion board. Sure I looooooove Google to death and can't imagine using another search engine for my daily queries, but in the back of my mind is a creeping fear that one day Google is going to take over the world.

When I noticed all my friends were getting Gmail accounts, I asked one of them for an invitation --- ooooh, I was going to be part of the exclusive Gmail club. However, what they don't tell you until you've mostly signed up and filled out the registration screens is that Google actually SCANS YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL for advertising! They try valiantly to frame it as good for you and from what I've seen, the Gmail program itself is really well laid-out and very productive, but even though it's cost-free, what is the price people will ultimately pay?

So, I don't have a gmail account, but I seem to be in the minority of my peer group. It seems like most of my generation is fairly comfortable allowing strangers, brands, and companies to have access to their personal, used-to-be-private information. How far will we let internet marketing go? Like James mentioned in one of our earlier classes, online marketing is getting smarter and companies are using cookies to track where we go online in order to optimize the ads we see during our web browsing. Are we going to turn around one day and say "Hey! What are you doing there?" By then, won't it be too late?

I also posted an article on the boards I'll link to here as well.

I think as more and more of the corporate sector gets fed up with spam, junk websites, and brand infringers, those highly regarded lobbyists (one day I'll get my sarcasm formatting button) will start whispering in the ears of politicians, but by then, will it be too late?

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James Moore said...

If you get a sarcasm button can I have an irony one too? Great post. Made me smile. Excellent writing.